About CitySightseeing Los Angeles

CitySightseeing operates in 35 countries and 109 cities around the world, providing guests with enjoyable and informative sightseeing experiences. The company’s signature red double-decker open-top buses are easy to spot, but the company’s friendly and dedicated employees are an even more important element of the CitySightseeing experience.

On many of its tours, CitySightseeing supplements major sights and attractions by providing pre-recorded commentary in multiple langagues. Guests can tune in and learn more about the history and significance of the places they’re seeing, which further enriches and informs the sightseeing experience. CitySightseeing Los Angeles added pre-recorded commentary in a total of nine languages beginning in the spring of 2013.

The CitySightseeing name was first used in 1972, when it was adopted by the locally owned City Coach Lines touring company. The company was officially formed in 1999, when the very first branded CitySightseeing tour began operating in Seville, Spain. The popularity of the business quickly caught on, and it grew across Europe and the United Kingdom before moving to Australia and the Americas. Today, CitySightseeing tours are available in every populated continent on Earth.

CitySightseeing tours run on a hop-on, hop-off basis. Following routes that showcase the most popular and historic sights and attraction in our partner cities, guests can hop off the bus at any stop they like and spend time exploring, dining, shopping and taking in the local flavor. Then, they simply re-board a later bus and continue the tour. Guests enjoy unlimited access to the network for the duration of their tickets.

CitySightseeing Los Angeles partners with Starline Tours, the city’s oldest and best-known provider of celebrity tours and city sightseeing outings. 

About Starline Tours

The Starline Tours story began in 1935, when an enterprising limousine chauffeur began offering tours of movie stars’ homes during his down time. His venture proved to be so popular with visitors to Los Angeles during Hollywood’s golden age that he went on to found the company that became Starline Tours.

Today, Starline Tours is L.A.’s oldest and best-known continuously operating provider of city and celebrity sightseeing excursions. The company is permitted in exclusive neighborhoods where other tour companies are forbidden to go, and CitySightseeing Los Angeles is proud to be partnered with this famous and iconic provider of L.A. tourism experiences.

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