Beverly Hills Self-Guided Walking Tour

Step into the glamorous world of luxury and celebrity and our exclusive walking tour of Rodeo Dr. and Beverly Hills. Stroll down the iconic palm lined boulevard, where high end boutiques and fashion houses beckon with their timeless elegance and opulent storefronts. Join us for some window shopping, captivating stories, and the allure of Beverly Hills that defines the epitome of luxury and fame.

Self guided walking tour
Beverly Hills & Rodeo Dr.
GPS triggered audio
Important Information
Where does the tour start?

The tour start point is Beverly Hills City Hall at 455 N Rexford Dr.

How does the tour work?

Once you buy your access code you can download the app at the links below and unlock your tour experience. Your digital guide is GPS activated and will chime in with interesting facts and historical context whenever you arrive at a stop on the tour.

Where can I park?

We recommend parking at 450 N Rexford Drive. This public parking structure is free for the first two hours and $1 every 30 minutes thereafter. the daily maximum is $16. for a full map of public parking options click HERE


We have partnered with Drives and Detours to create an app based tour that allows you to explore Beverly Hills with a Starline tour guide in your pocket!

Simply download the app, activate your tour and enjoy our audio narration as you walk the route. If you want to dive deeper each point of interest has additional pictures and video commentary available at the press of a button.

The starting point is in front of Beverly Hills City Hall. The address is 457 N Crescent drive, Beverly Hills CA 90210.

·      Download the app below:

·      Input the code provided in your confirmation email to unlock your tour.

·      Download your tour content over WiFi

·      Go to the starting location

·      Tap ‘Start Tour”

download on Google play store download on Apple app store

Additional Info:

For the best listening experience, earbuds or headphones are recommended. Also, be sure your phone has a good charge.

Beverly Hills Self-Guided Walking Tour
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