Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour & Warner Bros. Studio Tour (Package)
Important Information
Where do I check in for my tours

Check in at the Starline Visitor Center, located inside the Ovation Hollywood Mall, 6801 Hollywood Blvd. Suite #203 (Second Floor), Hollywood, CA 90028

What is the Schedule of Availability

The Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour is available all throughout the year between 10 am to 4.30 pm except for a few blackout dates. Warner Bros. Studio Tour is available most of the days, every half an hour between 9 am and 3.30 pm.

Would I have to call Warner Bros to schedule the tour?

No, Once you check in at the Starline Visitor Center, we will schedule the tour for you. Warner Bros. Studio Tour is available most of the days, every half an hour between 9 am and 3.30 pm.

Are there Age Restrictions

WB Only allows children from 5 years and up. Children 5-10 years, Adults: 11 years and up.


Hollywood Celebrity Homes and Warner Bros Studio Tour Ticket (Package)

Experience the glamour of Hollywood's elite on our Celebrity Homes Tour, then dive into movie magic at Warner Bros. Studio Tour. A perfect day of star sightings and behind-the-scenes adventures awaits!

WB: The approximate time is 3 hours (1 hour guided + 2 hours self-guided), Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour is approximately 2 hours. Transportation to Warner Bros. is not included

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood

What to expect

Your guide takes you in a Studio Tour cart out on the lot to learn how productions come to life on the big and small screens. The backlot tour, the main feature, focuses on creating TV shows and films, with an in-depth look at iconic sets, soundstages, and the overall production process.

•The experience begins in Storytelling Showcase, providing guests with context on the studio’s cinematic evolution.

o High-definition graphic display replicas highlight the breadth of Warner Bros.’ films, TV titles, and technical innovations from its origins in silent films and animation in 1923, through the Golden Age of Classics, and up to the blockbuster hits of today.

o The showcase features an aerial view of the backlot beneath visitors’ feet and photo-ops with a replica of the WB water tower and scaled soundstages.

•Located on the backlot, guests can get a one-of-a-kind photo op in front of the original fountain from the opening credits of the hit TV show Friends.

After the guided portion of the tour, guests arrive at “Stage 48: Script to Screen”, the interactive sound stage offering visitors the unique opportunity to explore the full film and television production process.

o Guests experience the original Central Perk set from Friends featuring the iconic orange couch and a full-service working café.

o Fans can see the original sets and costumes from the hit sitcom The Big Bang Theory, including apartment 4a, the Caltech Physics Lab Cafeteria, and the broken elevator.

o Guests can discover the art of sound effects by exploring films such as Gravity that transcend reality and create scenes with their own voice over from popular series like Harry Potter, The Matrix, and All American.

•The grand finale, Action & Magic Made Here, features two immersive experiences featuring DC Comics and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts. Updated: May 2023

o The Batcave includes a never before displayed Bat Wing, the Keaton Batmobile from Batman 1989, and the Batpod from The Dark Knight.

o Guests can swish and flick their way into their favorite scenes from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter & Fantastic Beasts featuring magical surprises, including a potion-making opportunity and an unforgettable photo op in Harry’s cupboard under the stairs. Guests can also get sorted by the enchanted Sorting Hat in the recreated Great Hall, explore Newt Scamander’s case of creatures, and lure the magical beasts into the Muggle world.

o Newly added to Action & Magic Made Here, a new Game of Thrones exhibit showcases costumes and props, featuring iconic costumes worn by Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen, Nathalie Emmanuel as Missandei, Harry Lloyd as Viserys Targaryen, and Eddie Eyre as Ser Gerold Hightower.

o The Celebration of Awards Season, concluding Action and Magic Made Here, features iconic pieces from Warner Bros.’ most beloved titles, spotlighting the studio’s incredible collection of honors, such as the Academy Award for My Fair Lady and Emmy Award for ER.

Upon finishing the tour, guests visit the incredible new Studio Store, providing access to exclusive merchandise from their favorite film and TV titles.

The Original Celebrity Homes Tour Since 1935 is still the most popular, longest-running tour in Los Angeles.

What to expect

Learn about Hollywood's film industry and celebrity culture by joining a two-hour cruise around Hollywood and Beverly Hills.

Our Celebrity Homes tour guides take you to see the most iconic neighborhoods and magnificent homes of the country's A-list celebrities. All the while, our guides share historical tidbits and anecdotes that bring these exclusive neighborhoods to life. Your trip also includes a drive down Mulholland Drive, where you can enjoy a panoramic vista of Los Angeles and highlight landmarks, including the Hollywood sign, movie studios, movie locations, Sunset Strip, as well as popular celebrity hangouts and hotspots along the way.


The Hollywood Sign View
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Hollywood Boulevard
Chinese Theater - (TCL)
Dolby Theater - (Home of Oscar)
Sunset Strip, The birthplace of the LA Music Scene
Hollywood Hills
Mulholland Drive
Beverly Hills
Rodeo Drive shopping District
Movie Locations


The Whiskey A-Go-Go
The Roxy
The Viper Room
The Rainbow Bar and Grill
Beverly Hills sign
Capitol Records

and much more...

Children under 5 are not allowed at the Warner Bros. tour


1. Book your Celebrity Homes plus Warner Bros Studio Tour ticket online.

2. Select a tour date/time for your Celebrity Homes Tour.

You can schedule your your WB tour when checking in at the Starline Visitor's Center on the day of the tour. Your ticket does not include transportation to Warner Bros. Studio. The Studio is approx. 4 miles from StarLine Tours.

Once you arrive at the Warner Bros. customer service center, show them your time stamped WB ticket that you received from Starline tours.

Warner Bros, Studio Policy and Procedure: Each adult guest is required to provide a legal form of identification (i.e driver's license and passport) prior to being allowed on the Warner Bros Studio premises. Children under 5 years of age are not permitted.


1. Parking is available at 3400 Warner Blvd. Burbank, CA 91505 for a fee. RV's, trailers and large trucks are not permitted. 2. All minors must be accompanied by a guardian age 18 or older at all times. Children under 5 years of age are not permitted.

Hollywood Celebrity Homes Tour & Warner Bros. Studio Tour (Package)
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